Nothing comes from nothing is a series of paintings that make manifest the physical experience of art works. Fragments on the canvasses, almost white or almost black, demand a moment of attention from the spectator. A quick glance does not bring the full range of tonalities to the fore. Only by looking attentively can one’s eyes distinguish the subtle differences in colour and pattern.


The work (RE)COVERED consists of a number of rows of medals covered in black felt. In this work, only the silhouettes of the medals remain visible. Specific details, such as embossing and colour, are invisible. This gives the medals an iconic character. The awarding of a medal can be seen as the assignment of concentrated attention to a specific moment. Each of the medals in the work (RE)COVERED were once given to a person to commemorate a moment in his or her life. By concealing the medals the work becomes memorabilia.


In the work Cijfershop (‘Number Shop’), numbers are presented in form and text. My interest centres on the way in which numbers are present in our daily lives. The Numbershop was developed to give a platform to numbers and their unique and diverse values. The work consists of a mobile unit with ceramics and wooden numbers, texts and talks. The work concerns the contemporary belief in numbers. The handmade numbers function as icons of that belief. In the Cijfershop pocketbook, numbers refer to their experiences, such that every number becomes an individual.


Commissioned by Festival De Oversteek I developed a walk through Nijmegen-Noord. My interest in walking stems from a quest for relations between my visual work, the human body and the environment. During this walk 'kijkgereedschappen' or 'viewing tools' make you experience the interaction between yourself, others and the landscape.



The Archive of Absence tells of the phenomenon of present absence. It imagines the presence of that which is not there at first glance. An important aspect of the Archive of Absence is the associated expeditions – walks through inside and outside spaces. On these expeditions, Venrooy discusses the presence of absence, looking at objects, plants and terminology. The presence of a camouflage net hanging over a shed leads to the discussion of stealth technologies that allow vehicles to move through space while being absent on radar. Throughout these (physical and mental) wanderings the emphasis is placed on sensory observations coupled with associations, stories and visual works.


The visitor makes themselves comfortable on a bed. Emanating from the pillow underneath their head is a sound composition. As in Soothing Sounds for Baby (Raymond Scott), one is transported to a sleepy dreamworld. The intention of the installation is to seduce people with the sounds of money, which are used as a mantra or lullaby.