For the ArtEZ Academy of Art & Design I am coordinator of a project-based curriculum for students of art, design & interior architecture. It is based on three projects each year:

1. Summer lab: ITHAKA (2015) and WALKING (2016) are multidisciplinary art projects in which approximately 100 participants travel for a week through The Netherlands, Germany or Belgium. The participants are accompanied by seven artists or designers. The goal is to encounter the unknown. 

2. Berlin excursion (2011 – present) Coordination and development of the day- and evening-programme in Berlin. With workshops by visual artists, designers and performers.

3. Introduction week (2011 – present) Coordination of the first-year introduction week. Programming lectures and meetings with fellow students and teachers.


Illustrations and graphic assignments for Nederlands Architectuur Instituut Rotterdam, Atelier Zuidvleugel Den Haag, Onomatopee Eindhoven, Jack Hoogeboom Rotterdam, Novia Verde Nijmegen, SamSam Amsterdam.